Airdeck® floor

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Intelligent solution for integration of technical services within the building.

Airdeck® floors consist of a precast concrete Lattice Plate Floor with Airboxes that are built-in during the manufacturing process. The Airboxes, that are made of recycled polypropylene, reduce both the volume of in situ concrete required and the weight of the floor.


Constructive floor solutions

The lowering of the floor weight reduces the requirement for beams and support columns creates the opportunity to optimise the size and placement of columns, the dimensioning and loading of foundations, reduce the quantity of reinforcement steel for the same building height. The void created by absence of beams means a reduction in the overall floor zone which, in some instances, can allow space for the construction of an extra floor for the same foundation. 


Technic solutions 

The floor is bi-directional and can be designed to suit varied applications with the structural requirements being finalised before the panel is manufactured. The option to include cut outs in the floor and also to integrate ventilation channels, cabling ducts is part of the integrated design and manufacturing process. The Airboxes are positioned in the panel using a computer controlled robot for accurate positioning.


Airdeck® constructive floor systems are particularly suited for buildings with multiple storeys including offices, car parks, homes, schools, universities, hotels and hospitals. The Airdeck® floor enables buildings to be constructed with expansive open spaces.


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Pekso-Edge is a steel formwork that can be integrated into both the Lattice Plate Floor and Airdeck® Flooring systems. This steel formwork is designed to be used instead of a temporary wooden formwork. Click here for more information.