Lattice Plate Floor

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The Lattice Plate Flooring system combines the speed of construction of precast with the convenience and flexibility of in-situ concrete.

The Lattice Plate Flooring (Omnia) is an effective precast, reinforced, concrete flooring solution. The upper surface is roughened to ensure a strong bond with the in-situ reinforced concrete capping layer. The panels are double chamfered along two edges forming a “bird’s mouth” close-fitting joint to virtually prevent grout seepage. The lower surface is smooth and can be painted as the final finish for the ceiling of the floor below.


Build-in provisions

The design of Lattice Plate Flooring offers a variety of additional applications that include incorporating  mechanical ventilation, heating and electrical systems.


The Lattice Plate Flooring is applicable for  party floors in homes, apartments and commercial buildings and as cellar roof flooring. The panels can also provide  permanent formwork for a variety of applications including  bridge flooring.



The Lattice Plate Flooring system has the flexibility to be manufactured to incorporate apertures for services. These can include:


-         Pre-formed openings for specific requirements that are temporarily filled with polystyrene or cellular concrete.

-         Apertures for the electrical services for the lights of the floor below.  

-         Central conduit electrical boxes incorporated in the panel

-         Build- in openings for ventilation systems.


Installation incorporated in the precast panel can include:

-         Water pipes

-         Electrical conduits

-         Under floor heating pipe work

Panel Dimensions


Width                :Standard 2.4m, non-standard panels are manufactured to meet specific design requirements.

Thickness       : Available in 50mm,  60mm and 70mm

Length              : Standard production is variable up to 9.0m. Special panels up to 10.5m can be produced in consultation with in-house Pekso Precast engineers.


Measured tolerances are in accordance with NEN 2889.


Built-in opening for mechanical ventilation

During the production process of the Plate Floor, a 100mm, 125mm or 150mm duct connector can be inserted to a specific location in the floor. The mechanical ventilation ducting can then be easily connected through the duct connector to both sides of the panel. Other sizes of duct connector are available on request.

Built-in provision for fall protection

The Lattice Plate Flooring System can incorporate sockets for installing fall protection. This fitting can accommodate round as well as square edge protection. When the precast concrete panels arrive on site, scaffolding posts and connecting fencing are easily fitted at ground level. The panels are lifted into position with the pre-installed edge protection in place.

Central electrical conduit boxes

Central conduit boxes are a perfect solution for when a combination of switches, fixed socket-outlets and other electrical services is required. This product eliminates visible junction boxes and is therefore ideal for residential building amongst others.


Pekso-Edge is a steel formwork that can be integrated into both the Lattice Plate Floor and Airdeck® Flooring systems. This steel formwork is designed to be used instead of a temporary wooden formwork. Click here for more information.